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Call for partecipation in the International joint workshop "Sustainability of urban landscapes"

The Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning (DIST) has organized an international workshop with the participation of Italian and international expert researchers. The objective is to investigate methods, tools and indexes for promoting the sustainability of cities and urban landscapes. The teaching staff is a multidisciplinary group of four departments (DIST, DENERG, DIATI and DAD) of the Politecnico di Torino, professors and researchers from the University of Maryland, the Senseable City Lab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, the Ryerson University (CA), the University of Southern Denmark SDU, and the Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland. Working within a multidisciplinary group of teachers and students, will enable more learning channels to be activated. The cycle of conferences is divided into nine days of seminars (5 hours each on Thursday afternoon). The seminars focus on the environmental sustainability of cities and building heritage and on the infrastructure in the urban environment. Each seminar will be organized by a group of teachers who will also present some case studies. In addition, a virtual tour will be organized at the Green Pea in Turin, the first Green Retail Park dedicated to the theme of Respect. In the last seminars the students will work on an exercise and present their results. The seminars will be held in English and will focus on the following case studies (to be confirmed): the cities of Turin, Geneva, Copenhagen, and an American city.

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