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FORESTAS [CLOSED] | Forest landscapes of Sardinia: definition and application of a method for evaluating the benefits provided to populations - 2019

The research activity aims at define a methodology to evaluate, biophysically and economically, the ecosystem services provided by the Sardinian forest landscapes to residents and tourists, with particular attention to cork forests.
The research activity is structured in two main phases:

  1. Evaluation of biophysical ecosystem services (provisioning, hydrogeological protection, carbon sequestration) of cork forests at regional level and in detail at local level in the territory of the historical region of Goceano, through detailed GIS analysis.
  2. Evaluation of cultural ecosystem services by questionnaire. The questionnaire has been sent in Goceano and via the web (Google Forms) aimed at measuring the cultural / recreational benefits offered by the cork forests, as fundamental and irreplaceable elements of the historical-identity and economic tradition of Sardinia Region.
Scientific Referent R3C

Angioletta Voghera