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The research team explores the maintenance issue, which aims at increasing the resilience of the complex territory system. Since this is made up by several interconnected subsystems, the Group works on several issues, in accordance with the scale at which it is operating: territorial, urban, building or infrastructure.

At the territorial scale, it is essential to analyse the regulations that hold direct or indirect references to maintenance, in order to develop a method/a tool to increase the efficiency of the territorial system. The functions of the public and private bodies, which are responsible of maintenance, should be unambiguous and they should not overlap in the existing regulatory texts at different levels (national, regional, municipal).

At the urban and building scale, methods and tools are developed to describe the buildings' maintenance state, using both existing databases and data collected within the survey operations for the classification of buildings. Digital models based on complementary tools (BIM, GIS) are effective to represent systems and artefacts and for creating interfaces for the use of data.

Scientific Referent R3C

Giuseppe Moglia
Manuela Rebaudengo