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PRG TO [ONGOING] | Collaboration Agreement between "Città di Torino" and "Politecnico di Torino" for preparatory research and studies related to the general revision of the PRG

The Città di Torino and Politecnico di Torino (DIST and DAD) have established a 3-years collaboration relationship between Public Entities (according to articles 15 and 17 of Italian Law 241/1990) due to define study and research activities conducted by the Polytechnic of Turin (DIST supported by R3C) with the use of qualified resources and adequate tools, aimed at integrating the activities on urban and territorial planning developed by the City of Turin.

These research activities of high scientific level are particularly useful for the development of the preparatory documents for the general revision of the PRG.
The activity related to the execution of this program is summarized through the development of seminars, the preparation of technical-scientific documents concerning the cognitive elements of the territory such as, for example, the socio-economic, physical, landscape, cultural, demographic analyzes, as well as quantitative data and the conditions of the existing building stock, as well as any further details that may be needed.


RESULTS - Guidelines for a Resilient City

This project delivered the first contribution of PoliTO dedicated at mainstreming the reslience in the Land Use Plan of the city

Scientific Referent R3C

Grazia Brunetta