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In the field of design and research experimentation of R3C, this research project focuses on Resilience to service conditions, performance and service life upgrade.
The research targets low quality building stock, typically concentrated in suburban areas, with evident performance obsolescence and vulnerability that worsens their value, environmental quality and urban image as well.

The project focuses on new multifunctional envelopes for these kind of buildings, which take off their traditional function of simple closure to get an active and dynamic interface capable to maximize indoor comfort and environmental buildings performances. The projects investigates different envelope solutions through an holistic approach (e.g. photovoltaic vs architectural imagery; solar shading vs vertical greenery systems etc.).

The research goal is the improvement of both the environmental footprint and the performance level of such target buildings, enhancing their service life (in partnership with MAINTENANCE team), their Resilience towards climate and users needs, also with positive fallouts for the environment and urban image.

Scientific Referent R3C

Paolo Piantanida
Carlo Caldera