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Post Un-lock [ONGOING] | From Territorial Vulnerabilities to Local Resilience

The research Post Un-lock is founded in the frame of the call for the co-financing of research project 2020 led by DIST (Inter-university Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning), Politecnico di Torino. It has the objective define a new territorial scenario for the year 2030, starting from the management of the post-emergency phase of the Covid-19. With reference to the SDG 11b objective, the project will study how to achieve territorial resilience, through the development of interdisciplinary process and innovative knowledge systems as the integration of climate governance processes based on the analysis of local vulnerabilities.

The aim is to support institutions in the challenge of resilience towards new models of "adaptive governance". The research introduces and tests a model of territorial planning and organisation: the Local Resilience Units (URL) to promote place-based strategies for adaptation of territories.

The research is rooted in the broader research themes supported by the 2015-2030 European Roadmap for the implementation of the Sendai Framework.


Scientific Referent R3C

Prof.ssa Angioletta Voghera