A new reference point for research on Resilience

R3C is the first Italian research centre with specific tasks to promote adapting and resilient strategies to address natural and humanʼs related risks ensuring the good safety of territorial and cultural heritage.

R3C aims at studying environmental and socio-economic vulnerabilities of territorial systems offering resilient models and solutions to support institutions and local communities to address the challenges posed by the ongoing global transition adequately.

R3C experiments an interdisciplinary research methodology to design resilient territorial and building systems. As already implemented by Polito, the target of R3C is to achieve the Goal 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and the Goal 13 “Climate Action” of the 2030 United Nations Agenda with the aim of accomplishing the institutions towards new territorial governance models.

R3C supports institutions in the challenging of resilience during the current climate change process to strengthen the capacity of territorial and building systems to face natural and humanʼs related risks adapting to changes following an evolutionary and innovative approach.


Here application/pdf (639.96 kB) you can download our web-brochure!


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