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Newly released and freely downloadable report | The Halls of Turin Exhibition Center by Pier Luigi Nervi: a multi-disciplinary approach for diagnosis and preservation

The final report of the Turin Exhibition Center Conservation Plan is published with support from Getty Foundation through its Keeping It Modern initiative.

The overall objective of the research program of this Keeping It Modern grant was to develop a Conservation Plan for the two halls built by Pier Luigi Nervi for the Turin Exhibition Center. The Municipality of Turin, owner of the complex, started (with a Feasibility Study completed in 2017) a process of reuse and rehabilitation of the building and sees this Planning grant as a tool to promote, support and guide the subsequent, executive project of the building. The objective of this research program was to expand the existing feasibility study, by specifically analyzing the two main Halls of Turin Exhibition Center designed and built by Pier Luigi Nervi, from a structural and seismic point of view. To gain further insights, feel free to access the complete report by downloading it using the link provided below.

The report is freely accessible here