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HORIZON EUROPE - GreenFORCE [ONGOING] | Foster Research Excellence for Green Transition in the Western Balkans

GreenFORCE aims at fostering excellence in the "Western Balkans' green transition" scientific research and innovation of Co-PLAN (Albania), CEA (North Macedonia), and UB-GEF (Serbia), as a means to enhancing their research profile, strengthening research and management capacities of their staff, and contributing to convergence between Western Balkans (WB) and EU research capacities, as well as to wider policy initiatives for the WB region. This objective is reached through the twinning partnership of five organisations that will work closely to produce territorial knowledge through exploratory research and institutional learning; will transfer and exchange knowledge among partner organisations through applying the knowledge management cycle; and will engage in networking for sharing, cross fertilizing and amplifying knowledge at the societal level. Ultimately, the ambition is to transcend from individual learning to enabling institutional learning, making sure that research and research management practices become institutionalised within the recipient organisations. GreenFORCE will contribute to the impacts of the destination "Improved access to excellence" by enabling pathways of cooperation, exchange, co-design, co-creation with academia, civil society and policy-makers at the regional level. 


Politecnico di Torino and R3C will particularly contribute to WP3 "Enhance research skills and mainstream WB green transition into teaching" aiming to enhance the scientific research skills of the WB partners, mainstream just and green transition research into education (of experts in WB) and, at the same time, actively engage students in just and green transition research activities. The specific objectives are:

  • To increase the scientific research skills of the WB partners through joint engagement into learning and exchange of research methods and practices.
  • To facilitate the translation of first-hand knowledge developed through GreenFORCE research activity into teaching modules at the Bachelor, Master, Doctoral and Life-Long-Learning level in the partner institutions.
  • To stimulate a fruitful interaction with Master and/or Doctoral students in the development of just and green transition research activity.



  • Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development in Albania
  • University of Belgrade - Faculty of Geography (UB-GEF) in Serbia
  • Center for Economic Analyses (CEA) in North Macedonia
  • Nordregio, a pan-Nordic research organization based in Sweden
  • Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) in Italy
  • Affiliated partner: Polis University, Tirana





Project period
(2021 - Ongoing)


Funding Institution

Horizon Europe


Scientific Referent R3C

Giancarlo Cotella


Research group:

Andrea Ajmar

Erblin Berisha

Grazia Brunetta

Ombretta Caldarice

Isabella Maria Lami

Danial Mohabat Doost

Federica Rotondo

Yahya Shaker

Elena Todella