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Vulnerabilities analysis [ONGOING] | Analysis of Territorial Vulnerabilities in Moncalieri

The operative collaboration with the Municipality of Moncalieri is part of the research experimentation set up by R3C in 2018 relating to the two internal macro-projects: "Defining Resilience" and "Measuring Resilience". The project highlights, through an "overlay analysis" methodology, local vulnerabilities to assess and plan adequate resilient actions and policies.
In particular, the experimental approach initiated by R3C consists in supporting the Municipality of Moncalieri in defining integrated planning strategies for adaptation to climate change.
Planning for Adaptation appears to be a necessary action in order to provide our Public Administrations of an adequate monitoring and planning system, aimed at reducing the risks derived from climate change and favouring the transformation of the territory in a resilient perspective.
Particularly, the Adaptation emerges as an interaction process determined by the progressive reduction of Vulnerabilities and the increase of the Resilience of territorial systems while forwarding the processes of adaptive governance and the capacities of innovation connected to them.
The project is part of the implementation of the National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change and meets the technicalities developed by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change Foundation (CMCC).

RESULTS - Research Paper

Project period
2019 - ongoing
Funding Institution
Comune di Moncalieri
Scientific Referent R3C
Grazia Brunetta
Micaela Demichela
Franco Pellerey